American Shakespeare Center

Feb 2013
8:00 PM
OSU-STW, Seretean Center
Just in time for Valentine's Day, Allied Arts presents the romantic comedy "Love's Labour's Lost." The production is a part of the American Shakespeare Center's Tempt Me Further Tour. This joyful play portrays a story about the King of Navarre and his three schoolmates who are begging to learn about love from the Princess of France and her three ladies. Many characters come along throughout the play, including the love-warrior Don Armado and the lust-sick rogue Costard, who pursues the love of a country maid. This 16-person cast brings both humor and romance to the set. Based out of Staunton, Va., American Shakespeare Center is a traveling group touring around the world performing Shakespeare plays and re-creating the Renaissance atmosphere for everyone to enjoy. With limited special effects, the audience will be able to get the feel for the atmosphere of a play set in the 1500s. All of the lights turned on in the theater and characters will be able to communicate with the audience and bring the essence of the play to life. For the performance, 60 chairs will be set up on the stage for greater interaction. Also, live music will be played for the audience to enjoy 30 minutes prior to show time and during intermission.