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April Shower Bring May Flowers (and Finals)

April Blog

Hello Spring

Spring has sprung, and campus is looking as beautiful as ever! Enjoy this season by driving everywhere with your windows down, do some studying outside or take a nice jog around Boomer Lake. However you decide to spend your spring days, this month’s blog has you covered on how to live your best life before finals come around.

Welcome back gifWelcome back warm weather, flowers and everything else good with Spring

Around the Union


Did you know there are plenty of great spots in the Student Union to take a quick nap in between classes? You can snag the perfect spot for any catnap in many of locations around the building. No judgment from us! We totally understand that sometimes you just can’t stay awake the morning after pulling an all-nighter, so don’t be ashamed if you need to just lay down for sec. 

Duck Sleeping GifWelcome back warm weather, flowers and everything else good with Spring


The lib is always a great place to study, but sometimes it can get a bit crowded during test weeks. So when you’re looking for a new place to study, look no further than the Student Union. There are plenty of spots to get some major studying done. Each floor has lots to offer, but our personal favorite place to take a seat would be the Leadership & Campus Life Lounge on the second floor. This is located on the northern part of the Union toward the Classroom Building. Here, you can find tons of comfy chairs to sit in, and huge tables that allow for maximum room to lay out all your notes! 

Tired Cat GifWhen all you want to do is sleep but you know that you need to keep studying.

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University Store

Graduation Essentials

Gear up for graduation at the University Store! From graduation invites to diploma frames, we have the key essentials to ensure your big day will be perfect. It is also important to get the right professional wear for job interviews. Ties, portfolios and more are just what you need to score that dream job of yours. 

The Rock Graduating GifThat feeling when you finally graduate

Graduation Gifts

Because graduation is fast approaching, you might want to begin looking at what gifts to get for the grad in your life (or maybe yourself). OrangeTech, located in the University Store, has plenty of great gift items. You can find a large selection of laptops, desktops, tablets, smart watches and really anything a college graduate would want. Also don’t forget that students get an educational discount with Apple products, and expires when you graduate! 

Baby Receiving Gift GifWhen you get the perfect gift.

Warm Weather

We definitely are not complaining about the nice weather we have been having! To celebrate the temperature finally rising, you can check out the University Store to see all the spring clothes that they have to offer. Pastel colored hats, T-shirts, tank tops and more are what you can find in-store or online today. Click the images below to see more about the product.


Yellow Cap
Coral Cap
Colors Tee
Lavendar Hoodie

April Showers

April showers bring May flowers. You know what that means? Rain gear! The University Store can supply you with all the essentials to help you stay dry while walking around campus. Click the images below to see more about the product.


'47 Rain Jacket
Columbia Rain Jacket
OSU Tartan Umbrella
OSU Tartan Rain Boots

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University Dining Services

Meal Plan

We’re in the final stretch of the semester, so you might want to start thinking how you’re going to spend the rest of your meal plan money. Maybe try a new dining location or buy a meal for a friend! Not sure what your meal plan balance is? You can always check it here, or go to meal plan services on the third floor of the Student Union. 

Winnie the Pooh EatingWhen you have your fav meal from an on campus dining location.

Superfoods for Studying

Around campus in multiple grab-n-go dining spots there are superfood displays. These can be found in the convenience stores and the items in the displays are great for your body. The snacks are also good to eat when studying to keep your brain healthy!


Line Break

Final Push

Rain or shine, the end of the semester is fast approaching. Summer will be here before you know it, but before you can hit the beach you have to get through finals and graduation first. You’re in the final stretch, so make sure you stay motivated. We believe in you, Cowboys!

Rooting For You GifWe’re your biggest fans!