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And so it begins again. Another August, another semester. Every year at this time, campus comes back to life with the bustling of more than 20,000 OSU students. Excitement is in the air, but so is something else - the dread of falling behind as quickly as classes begin. I get it - I'm right there with you. I feel like no matter how "prepared" I am for the semester, I always seem to forget something the first day of class. But this year is different! 🎉 (really, guys, let's do it right this time around). Keep reading for some tips to help give you the start you need - no, deserve - this semester.


first day of school








The University Store Has You Covered

We're a little biased, but the University Store is really great. Seriously, you can find pretty much everything you need. Check these out. ⬇️


Mortar Board



Getting a Mortar Board can be viewed as a 'freshman' thing to do, but take it from me, this thing is a great resource. It contains a lot of helpful facts, including:

  • Phone numbers to important campus offices (Bursar, Registrar, etc.)
  • Tutoring information
  • Football schedule
  • Campus events
  • OSU Fight Song lyrics (a lifesaver when you're trying to sing the Alma Mater after the first football game)

The Mortar Board will not only help you organize your life, but it could help you in a pinch, or simply help you find the next campus event to experience.

Get it Here


lefty notebook



Are you left handed? You're in luck! Not only does every classroom at OSU have at least one left-handed desk, but the University Store sells these 'handy' (get it?) lefty notebooks. They're amazing for left handers taking notes worldwide.

Get it Here

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Life Happens at the Union

If you've been on campus this time of the year before, you know the Student Union gets crazy busy. Like, c r a z y busy. As much as we love having everyone in the building ❤️, we do like to encourage everyone to explore the nooks and crannies of the building. We often preach "there's more places to sit than the first floor atrium." Why don't you check some of these places out:




Located on the second floor, the Leadership & Campus Life Lounge is one of my favorite spots in the Union. During the most recent renovation, there was an emphasis to create a space welcoming to students to study, relax, hang with friends or enjoy a meal, and this space is exactly that. It might be a ~tad~ busy during the first weeks of school, but it will definitely be less busy than the Atrium.


Campus Life Lounge




Here is the basement (yes, the Union does have a basement, which, apparently, a lot of people don't realize). Pictured here is the basement lounge, which has a lot of tables (perfect for enjoying lunch or studying) and comfy lounge chairs (ideal for naps because it's usually quiet). Take a look down there next time you can't find a table on the first floor. Also - the basement has a lot of cool stuff, like the Orange Wall Gallery, which features local artists, a hair salon and barber shop, a FedEx Office and two banks. 

Basement Lounge



The Student Union has an amphitheater outside attached to the plaza. The amphitheater can often go unnoticed, because a lot of people use it as steps, BUT it is a great option for when you need a place to sit/eat/lounge/study (you get it). It might be a little hot in August to sit outside, but if it's a nice day, enjoy this very collegiate setting.





On the second floor (close to the Campus Life Lounge) is the theater lounge, which, you guessed it, is right outside the Student Union Theater. This isn't a huge space, but there's usually always an open seat to grab when in need of one. Also, these chairs are really comfortable, which is a major 🔑. 

Theater Lounge

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Food, Food and More Food

The Student Union Food Court is not the only place to eat on campus. *gasp* I know, this is a revelation to a lot of people. Like I mentioned before, we love having everyone in the building, truly, but we also like to encourage you to try other dining options on campus. Check out some of the other campus locations.


b&b breakfast co.






B&B Co. is located at North Dining (near the University Commons on the north side of Hall of Fame), and it serves breakfast and burgers all day (what else can you ask for?). 

Zest Mediterranean Cuisine




Zest Mediterranean Cuisine is also located in North Dining, and it serves a variety of Mediterranean meals. I included this dining location because it is unique and different than anything else we have on campus. Also, I've loved everything I've ordered here, so you can't go wrong.





Newton's is a grab-to-go option inside the Henry Bellmon Research Center (located on Monroe Street in the middle of campus). Newton's is a hidden gem on campus because it is never busy. This is a great option if you only have a few minutes to grab a meal. Also, if you need somewhere quiet to study, this is the place. 

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Hopefully these helpful tips will help get you prepared and ready for the semester. And remember, you've got this. From myself and the rest of the Student Union team, good luck and may the force be with you.


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