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Life Happens at the Union

Homecoming at the Union

Homecoming at the Union

The Complete Guide to Homecoming at the Union

If you've experienced an OSU Homecoming, you can confirm what is about to be said. Homecoming at OSU is unlike anything you've experienced. Homecoming, or hoco, as we sometimes call it, is a week packed with events and #okstate spirit like you've never seen. That's right, Homecoming is not one day for us at OSU - it's an entire week of greatness. Although hoco is a community-wide effort, there are many events specific to, and revolving around, the Union. Continue reading fo tips to make this Homecoming the best one yet!


We're excited for homecoming!How we feel at the beginning of Homecoming week.

First Things First

Homecoming shirts. These are a necessity. Ask an OSU alumnus about them, and they will probably tell you they have every Homecoming shirt from the last 10 seasons. It's a thing. This year, there are four colors available for you to choose from. Click the images below to see information about purchasing one.


Orange Homecoming Shirt
White Homecoming Shirt
Gray Homecoming Shirt
Black Homecoming Shirt



Around the Union

There is a lot happening at the Union. We recommend a game plan before the week begins. Seriously, it's easier that way. Between classes, social life, work and the added Homecoming activities, you've got to have a strategy. Below are activities happening at the Union during Homecoming.

Confidence is key.The squad rolling up for Homecoming week.


Student Union Homecoming Decoration Contest

 We think this is the best kept secret of the Union. Every year, the offices and departments housed in the building can compete in the Homecoming office decorating contest. Offices can either enter the window decorating contest or the office decorating contest. You may think this wouldn't be very impressive, but take a look at the picture below from last year's winning office. Pistol Pete was loving the replica of the Iron Throne from Game of Thrones. This year's competition will take place on Thursday, October 26. Wander through the building that day and take a look through the participating offices!

Pistol Pete with the winning entry from 2017.
Pistol Pete is the true winner of the Iron Throne.
Gameday at the Union

Every home football game, the Student Union hosts Gameday at the Union on the plaza. Gameday at the Union for Homecoming will be from 4 - 6 p.m. This community event is free for all, and it includes temporary Pistol Pete face tattoos, stickers, spirit buttons, outdoor games and a photo booth. In addition to all of those great things, the Spirit Walk begins at the same location an hour and a half before kickoff. It's a great event to swing by for a few minutes while you're enjoying your gameday festivities. We'll see you there!

Gameday at the Union

Library Lawn Sign Competition

The Library Lawn sign competition is a crowd favorite during Homecoming. This annual event allows student organizations to create a sign relating to that year's theme. These signs are put up during the weekend before Homecoming, and they remain on Library Lawn through the week. As you come and go from the Union, take some time to look at the signs.

Libray lawn sign competition


If you haven't been to Walkaround yet, get ready. This is the biggest annual event at OSU, drawing almost 100,000 people to Stillwater every year. This event, which takes place on Friday night of Homecoming week, allows you to see the fraternity and sorority pairings' Homecoming house decorations. These are unlike anything you've seen before, each displaying an intricate and beautiful scene relating to the Homecoming theme. Did we mention they're made completely of tissue paper? Although Walkaround happens throughout the Greek neighborhood, it begins on the corner of University Avenue and Washington Street. If you need a rest during all of the walking or need to use the restroom, feel free to make your way into the Union.



Homecoming week is busy, and sometimes you need to take a short (or very long) nap. We always encourage students to take advantage of the comfortable chairs and lounge spaces throughout the Union. On any given day, you can walk through the building and see a handful of people taking a midday nap. Although it may seem weird to sleep inside the Student Union, don't worry, there are no judgments around here. We just want to make sure you're rested, and sometimes that means taking a quick nap between classes.

If you need to unwind and take some stress off your plate, visit the Reboot Center in room 320 on the third floor of the Union. At the Reboot Center, there are ample opportunities for you to relax. For more information about the services offered at the Reboot Center, visit its website.



Where's the Food?

Don't worry, University Dining Services operates on its usual schedule during Homecoming week, but you might not be. If you're off your usual schedule, visit their website to see the hours of all dining concepts on campus. 

We need food

Kickoff Special

Every Friday before a home football game, UDS offers the kickoff special, which gives you an amazing meal on a discount. For Homecoming, the kickoff special will be available from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Country BBQ inside Kerr-Drummond and B&B, Co. inside North Dining.


Twenty Something

Chances are you're going to be very busy during Homecoming week. If you're on campus and need a meal, or if you need to go grocery shopping but it seems you don't have enough time to go to the grocery store off campus, visit the Kerr-Drummond Mezzanine. You can grab a meal from Country BBQ, Linguetti's or Wich Which before shopping for groceries at Twenty Something. It's a win-win!

Twenty Something


Cowboys, Ride On!

There is a lot happening at the Union for Homecoming, but there's even more happening across campus and Stillwater. For complete information about Homecoming, visit the Alumni Association's website. We hope you have an amazing week enjoying everything Homecoming has to offer. Go Pokes!