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About SUAB


What is SUAB?

The Student Union Activities Board (SUAB) has been a student organization since 1951 and is under the office of Arts, Culture and Entertainment. We provide a wide range of programs and events for the entire OSU community. The purpose of SUAB is to stimulate, motivate, educate, and involve the student body through creative and fun events. 

SUAB’s Mission:

  1. To enhance the quality of campus life through well-considered educational, cultural, social and recreational events and activities;
  2. To foster greater interaction and understanding among students, faculty, staff, administration, alumni and guests of the University community through informal association outside of the classroom;
  3. To develop individual skills and competencies in citizenship, leadership, social and ethical responsibilities, and group effectiveness, through active participation in student life and campus affairs;
  4. To promote a sense of loyalty to the Student Union and the University;
  5. To assist other campus agencies and organizations in achieving the educational and service mission of the University; and
  6. To provide student input and counsel into the management of operations of the Student Union

SUAB’s Vision Statement:

SUAB will be recognized by the OSU student body as an environment that is conducive to student involvement, connection, and learning through campus activities, service, and relationship building.

SUAB Constitution 2018-2019

SUAB Committees:

These committees are lead by students who plan, market, and manage our event

Interested in joining SUAB? Check out the Join SUAB page.

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