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Student union activities board

Life Happens at the Union



Old Rocky Horror Picture Show
Rocky Horror Picture Show 1980's

The Student Union Activities Board is as old as the Union itself. The Student Union was part of Former President Henry Bennett's long-range plan for Oklahoma Agricultural and Mechanical College. When the Union was built in 1950, it was not only one of a kind, but was and still is, the largest of its kind,

President Bennett wanted the Union to belong to the students and in 1950 he put together a hand-picked group of students, known as the Student Union Board, who were tasked with determining polices for the use of the Union. As an added perk he also allowed this group to name rooms in the Union.

Body Poppy Baker served as the first president and planned programs such as; bingo nights, game shows, casino parties & more. The Student Union Board also hosted the Student Union Fair, which still continues today as the SUAB Activities Mart.

In 1951, the Student Union Board changed its name to the Student Union Activities Board which it is still known as today. Over the past fifty years, the Student Union Activities Board has brought a wide range of programs and people, such as President Harry S Truman and Emperor Haile Selassie of Ethiopia, to the Union. 

The Student Union Activities Board and Student Union Programs (SUP) Office recently united to provide better services to the OSU community, bringing programs of special interest to the campus. Known on campus as SUAB, this group coordinates special events throughout each school year. The nature and scope of SUAB has changed many times over the years, but the aim has always been the same: to make OSU a more exciting and insightful place to be.


SUAB Old Mascot

SUAB old Mascot 1981

SUAB Old Mascot ChickenSUAB Mascot "Pink Chicken" 1980s

Old SUAB TableSUAB Event 1990s

SUAB 1990SUAB Event 1990s

SUAB FolliesSUAB used to host Freshman Follies in 1989

SUAB 1960SUAB Event 1960s